IFMAR World in Italy

IFMAR WC 1/10 Electric On-Road was held in Gubbio, Italy from September 11th, 2022 to September 18th, 2022.

A lot of talented drivers joined into the competition around the world.
Brouno Coelho got Championship.
He was using SANWA M17 in the championship.

9 drivers uses SANWA in A main.
At the World Championship, about 87% drivers used SANWA transmitter.

The result is in the below.

World Champion: Brouno Coelho

P2: Christopher Krapp

P3: Akio Sobue

P4: Alexander Hagberg

P5: Marc Rheinard

P6: Michal Orlowski

P7: Yannic Pruemper

P8: Ronald Volker

P9: Hayato Ishioka

P10: Jiles Groskamp

All drivers were working very well and it was great competition.

Thank you for always using SANWA and we would like to see you in next competition.

Drivers in A main

Team SANWA photo

Upload: 22/10/31

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