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【Coreless Servo】
●SSL Compatible
※Compatible with CODE10 (M12S (RS), Exzes ZZ, MT-44)
 Not compatible with CODE5 (M12, Exzes Z, MT-4S, MT-4, MT-S)
※Not compatible with PGS SETTING GEAR
●SSR mode compatible
●SHR mode compatible
●Lipo 2 cell battery compatible
●High torque type
●Coreless motor
●Metal Gears
●AL Heat Sink


0.11 sec / 60° (7.4 V)
0.13 sec / 60° (6.0 V)


26.5 kg ・cm (7.4 V)
23.3 kg ・cm (6.0 V)


40.5 X 20.5 X 37.2 mm


59 g

●Programmable Servo to be compatible with SSL & Telemetry
●Setting Adjustment by wireless from Radio
●Setting Adjustment to connect Servo with Multi Setting Gear
●Regarding Temperature, Current, Voltage and Volume Position on Servo inside,
Telemetry-transmission can be passed to Radio.
# Initial Setting on Multi Setting Gear is necessary.

★Setting Items
●SSL-CH (SSL Channel Setting) ●STRETC (Stretcher Adjustment) ●BOOST (BOOST Adjustment)
●D-Band (Dead Band Adjustment) ●MV-MID (Middle Torque Adjustment)
●MV-END (Later Torque Adjustment) ●BREAK (Break Adjustment)
◎MV-HOLD (Power Adjustment at whole area) ◎MV-FRQ (Feeling Adjustment at whole area)
◎MAX-PW (MAX Duty Adjustment)
※ Multi Setting Gear is necessary for ◎setting.

●PGS-Servo Explanation

●PGS-CL Latest Firmware Information

PGS-CLCX_P5201103.zip ←Click Here for download

6/DEC/2018 V52.01R103 P5201103.PRO(CL/CX)
●Bug fix about servo will not work rarely because misread response mode when turning on.

【How to update】
1.Insert Micro SD card to your computer and save unzip file (P5101106.PRO) to root in Micro SD card. 

2.Insert Micro SD card to Multi Setting Gear and connect PGS-CL or PGS-CX to Multi Setting Gear, then turning on the Gear.

3.If the Gear display "SERVO CONNECT OK?," press back key 3 times and display"SETTING GEAR FOR PGS-CL/CX."

※If the display show "SETTING GEAR FOR PGS-LH/XB/XR," it need to switch Multi Setting Gear Firmware for PGS-CL/CX. 
Please check how to change Multi Setting Gear firmware on our website. 

4.Move to "SERVO PROGRAM UPDATE [3]" by ▲SELECT▼ key and press Enter key. 

5.Select update file "P5201103" by ▲SELECT▼ key and press Enter to start update. 
(Firmware update will be finished for about 10 seconds after press enter.)

6.After update is completed, please move to "INFORMATION (VERSION)[4]" and enter to check "PGS:V52.01R103."

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