TITC 2023 was held at Infinity Addict Circuit in Bangkok, Thailand.
A lot of talented driver competed from February 23rd, 2023 to February 26th, 2023.

Bruno Coelho got championship with using SANWA M17 in Modify class.

Race Result (Modify Class)

Champion: Bruno Coelho (M17)

P2: Akio Sobue (M17/PGS-LHII)

P3: Hayata Ishioka

P4: Ryosuke Yamamoto (M17/PGS-LHII)

P5: Jin Sawada

P6: Alexander Hagberg (M17/PGS-LHII)

P7: Naoto Matsukura

P8: Marc Rheinard (M17)

P9: Jiles Groskamp (EXZES-ZZ/PGS-LHII)

P10: Chavit Sliguota (M12S)

All drivers were working very well and it was great competition.

In the modify class, over 85% drivers was using SANWA transmitter.

Overall transmitter ratio is 65% drivers using SANWA transmitter.


Thank you for always using SANWA and we would like to see you in next competition.

Upload: 23/3/24

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